SATS Login – STS Karnataka Students Tracking System Login Details

How to login into the SATS Karnataka website?

To login into SATS Karnataka STS website, use following steps –

  1. Go to


  3. Click on Login Link

  4. Enter STS Username and password

  5. Enter captcha code

  6. Choose language between English and Kannada

  7. Click on Login button.

STS login on Karnataka SATS website
SATS login page screenshot

You will be redirected to the STS Karnataka Login dashboard panel where you can see all the mid-day meal, student performance etc in details.


What is the official website of SATS login?

The official website for SATS Karnataka STS login is – Go to SATSMDM login page.

I’ve forgotten STS login password, what to do?

Go to STS login page and click on Forgot password option. Fill the information asked and your password will be recovered from there.

How can HMs and CRCs login?

They can login by using their SATS credentials.

How to get help with SATS login?

Contact on following email address – Please note that you must confirm the official email address before contacting. Go here to check and confirm.

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