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SCV Lite is an online portal for SCV DTH users. If you have an SCV connection and you want to check details regarding your account, channel list, etc, you can login to the SCV Lite Login page and check your details from there. Here is detailed information about it.

SCV Lite

SCV Lite is a lighter version of SCV login page. Earlier, people used to open the SCV lite login page using the old url – . However, after the new update, it has got changed and the new website is called SCV Connect Portal.

What was old address of SCV Lite login page?

The old login page of SCV Lite was . The new website is .

How can I open SCV lite login page now?

To open the SCV lite login page, go to following web address - .

SCV Login

How to login through the SCV Login page?

  1. Go to website

  2. Enter your username

  3. Enter your password

  4. Choose whether to enable auto login or not

  5. Enter the shown captcha code

  6. Click on blue login button

You will be redirected to the SCV Lite / SCV Lite 2 account page after successful login.

SCV DSS Lite Login page
SCV DSS Lite Login page


What is SCV DSS?

SCV DSS is an online website called Digital Service System. The SCV DSS login page is same as the SCV Connect portal. On the Digital Service System, any consumer who has an SCV connection, can open his account and avail online services related to SCV DTH Connection.

For SCV Software support, one can call – 9566188112.

SCV Lite Login FAQ

What is SCV DSS Lite?

SCV DSS lite is the official website of SCV DTH Consumer login. Old lite page now has been redirected to new login page.

How can I check the SCV Channel list?

Go to the SCV Consumer corner on their official website to check the channel list – both SD and HD.

Do I need SCV HD Set Top Box?

Yes, you will be provided with an SCV HD Set Top Box too.

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